Here you will find advice on how to solve any issues you might face with the software used for your online learning. This section covers common glitches and setbacks faced on Zoom, Google Meet, and the eLearning Platform.

To change your SALCC Google Accout password please contact Information Technology Services (ITS) Helpdesk at

Late SONIS registrations are handled by your Programme Head or Student Services. Please contact your Programme Head or Student Services at

The most likely issue is that the file size is too large to be uploaded. You would need to share your file via Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other online file-sharing service. Once you've done that, you'd need to send your lecturer the link to the file in order for them to access it.

All our courses have an enrollment start and expiry date. You will not see your past courses after the expiry date.

You are unable to see any course content because you have yet to be assigned to a group or section. If this is the case, please contact the course lectuerer who will assign you to a group. If this is not the case contact your programme head immediately, explaining your situation.

Usually it takes up to 48hrs for your courses to appear on the eLearning Platform after you have registered on SONIS. If you are not seeing your courses by that time, please inform your Programme Head of this issue or send a screenshot to us verifying your registration of the course(s) on SONIS.

You can contact your lecturer by going to the "Course Contact" block located on the right side of your course page. You have two options: email your lecturer or send him/her a message via the eLearning Platform.

We are available on evenings between the hours of 5pm and 10:30pm. Any technical issues on the eLearning platform should be forwarded to us at:

The eLearning Academy Helpdesk is open from Monday to Friday.

If you are not seeing your grades on the eLearning Platform, you need to contact your course lecturer via the "Course Contacts" block to the right of the course page.

It is advised that students do not use mobile devices when attempting a quiz because when a notification is displayed or pops up on the screen, it automatically closes the quiz and registers your attempt as complete.

Any issues with Grades must be mentioned to your Course lecturer via the "Course Contact" block on your course page.