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How do I know if I am accepted or not?
A notice for collection of responses for the upcoming academic year will be posted on the College’s website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages when it is available. All applicants will be issued with a response.

I applied for SALCC; when is registration?
Before you can register, you must first be accepted. Upon collection of your acceptance letter, registration dates will be given.

I have received my CXC results. Should I bring a copy to the College?
No. SALCC receives its own copy of June CXC results from the Ministry of Education every year and as such, applicants are not required to submit a copy.

I sat CXC in January but did not submit my results with my application. What should I do?
When completing the application form, certified evidence of all results should have been submitted along with the application. In the event you did not submit those results, you are to do so IMMEDIATELY as the College does not receive January CXC results from the Ministry of Education. These results should be brought to the Students Services Department, Ground Floor, Administration Building.

When is the deadline for student applications?
Every year, the initial application deadline is in March and the late application deadline is in June, after which time applications are closed.  Applications are usually available from February of every year.

I am unable to pay the full amount by the date of registration. Is there a way I can pay later?
The College recognizes that not everyone is able to afford the fees all at once and as such, students are asked to speak with the Bursar regarding a Tuition Installment Plan (TIP).

How will I know if I got accepted to be a Lab Monitor, to which I applied?
All Lab Monitor applicants will be notified via email whether or not they are accepted.  The Lab Monitor positions are ONLY OPEN TO REGISTERED STUDENTS.

What is the cost of a replacement student ID card?
Student ID cards are replaced at a cost of EC$30.00. This fee should be paid at the Finance Department and you are to report to the Information Technology Services Department (ITS) thereafter with your receipt for the card to be printed.

How do I access the College’s wireless network?
All staff and registered students are issued with a wifi code, which can be obtained from the Information Technology Services Department (ITS), top floor of the Business Department.

My email address and contact numbers have changed. How do I update my student information?
Students have the access to update their own profiles on the College's system. Simply log into your student profile on SONIS, and in the top right hand corner, click “Update Bio”. There, you will be able to updated your information.

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