The Associate Degree in Secondary Education is offered under the aegis of the Joint Board of Teacher Education for the Eastern Caribbean. It is targeted at persons who intend to teach at the secondary level of the education system. The programme is aimed at developing the participants’ academic and pedagogical knowledge, teaching competence, and personal qualities.


The Programme is offered on a full-time basis for a period of two (2) years.

Entry Requirements

  • At least five (5) CXC subjects (Grades 1 or 2; or Grade 3 from June 1998) or GCE equivalent.
    • These five (5) subjects should include English A.
  • In addition, applicants must have: - One (1) A’ Level OR CAPE – (2 units) or equivalent in the major area of specialization AND - AT LEAST one CXC, or equivalent, in the minor area of study (Applicants with an A’ Level in the Minor area of study will be accorded priority)
  • Subject Departments may require additional requirements.
  • Applicants who opt for the TVET specialization should possess at least five (5) CXC subjects (Grades 1 or 2; or Grade 3 from June 1998)
    • These five (5) subjects should include English A, Mathematics and a subject in the Technical and Vocational areas.
  • Applicants who opt for the specialization in Business Studies should in addition to the basic requirement of at least five (5) CXC subjects including English A (Grades 1 or 2; or Grade 3 from June 1998) possess A’ level passes in at least two (2) Business Studies subjects or the CAPE equivalent or an Associate Degree in Business Studies.


Preference will be given to persons currently employed as teachers. An interview is required.



Programme Requirements

The structure of the programme to be followed by students pursuing the secondary programme is outlined below. Students complete courses in three areas as indicated below.

General Education (6 credits)

- English for Communication I (3 credits)
- English for Communication II (3 credits)

Education Foundations (9 credits)

- Educational Psychology (2 courses – 6 credits)
- Social Context of Education (1 course – 3 credits)

Curriculum & Instruction (33 credits)

To include courses related to:

- Major Area (5 courses – 15 credits)
- Minor Area (3 courses – 9 credits)
- Classroom Assessment (1 course – 3 credits)
- Classroom Investigation (1 course – 3 credits)
- Literacy Instruction (1 course – 3 credits)

Teaching Practicum (9 credits)

Electives (9 credits)

Three (3) electives selected from:

- Physical Education
- Health and Family Life Education
- Facilitating Democracy in the Classrooms
- Drama and Theatre Education
- Guidance and Counselling
- Early Childhood Education
- Catering to Students with Special Educational Needs
- Matriculation French
- Matriculation Spanish Each elective course carries three (3) credits