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salcc dr olivia saunders


The College bids welcome to Dr. Olivia Saunders "former Professor of the Business School at the College of the Bahamas, who specialized in Economics and Research. former Team Leader of the University Transition Secretariat and former Dean of Business, Hospitality and Tourism Studies. She obtained her B.Sc. in Economics from the University of North Alabama in 1978, and her D.B.A. (International Business) in 2002 from Argosy University Sarasota. She has participated in many College of The Bahamas committees, including the Task Force in Quality Assurance and the Ad Hoc Committee on University Governance. She was the founding president of The Bahamas Economics Association and has spoken and written on education and business matters in The Bahamas."


Olivia Saunders has indicated that she comes prepared to work with the mandate of transforming the College to a full fledge degree granting institution by the end of her two(2) year tenure. Monday 11th January marked her first day at the helm of the College. Her week's activities including meeting with government ministers, the College's management team along with various divisional and departmental staff personnel. Highlight of the week was the "Meet and Greet Cocktail” which took place Thursday evening at the Leton Thomas Building. Principal was introduced to various industry leaders.